Why startups fail? roundup featured

Why Startups Fail? How to prevent a failure?

Startups are exciting, we wouldn’t have got facebook, google or uber if someone didn’t take the risk to spend their time energy and money to make something new.

Most of the successful startup founders got rewarded for taking this risk. But what about those startups that never see the daylight?

out of 100 million startups launched every year only a tiny fraction become successful? Why startups fail? Lets find out.

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How to Outsource Blog Writing

How to Outsource Blog Writing

It requires one to have some real wit and guts to appeal the readers and stimulate them emotionally through polished writing skills.

Indeed, writing in itself is an art, which only few can master.

So what about the people or organizations who want to promote their cause but lag behind in sharp writing instincts?

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What is Earned Media and How to Use It to Grow Business

Businesses inevitably need the support of media for success. Among many types of media,

Earned media is the media that your business gains naturally and often more important than others.

In digital marketing terms, media can be defined as a way of reaching a number of audiences. 

Depending on the nature of control, ownership, and payment, media may be of three kinds.

These are ‘owned media’, ‘paid media’ and ‘earned media’.

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