Top 20 Best Instagram Tools and Alternatives

The life of a social media marketer evolves around thousands of tools.

Not every tool is created equal, some are good some are simply a waste of time.

Here I have prepared a list of most popular i.e. best Instagram tools for you.

We will discuss their strength and shortcomings we will also shade light on what other people things about these tools. Lets dive in.

1. ScheduGram:

ScheduGram offers some useful features that aims at ‘reducing your Instagram headaches’.

It schedules posts on behalf of you and saves your time thereby.

Multiple accounts may be managed with help of the tool. You also can share your accounts with your team.

Content creation and editing tools are available in ScheduGram.

Among these functionalities, scheduling and posting on behalf of you is the main focus of Schedugram.

It works in a web-based interface.

Some users expressed dissatisfaction regarding the sign-up process of Schedugram.

Free/Paid: Paid
Others: Comes with 7 day free trial


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2. Posto:

Posto’s main focus is on posting and scheduling. While doing business on Instagram, you may frequently need to schedule your post to get the most out of it.

Then posto is for you. It schedules your posts for later uploads.

You can assign your team to manage social accounts and marketing campaigns with a single tool, Posto.

You may also need to reach audience of a specific region.

Posto helps you to reach your targeted audience with its ‘Geolocation’ feature.

However, it has a limitation of measuring time in 30-minute intervals.

Posto does not offer you so many functionalities, but it is really awesome for scheduling your posts.

Free/Paid: Paid
Others: Comes up with 14 day free trial.

3. Iconosquare:

You can access deep insights into your Instagram account through Iconosquare.

You easily can discover when your followers are on Instagram to enhance your posts’ visibility.

Any type of engagements such as ‘Likes’, ‘Comments’, ‘Video views’, ‘Saves’ on your posts may be measured.

Hashtags’ performance can be tracked with the tool.

Iconosquare helps you to compare your performance with competitors (up to 7 competitors).

Free/Paid: Paid

4. INK361:

INK361 helps you manage your account by providing you with the opportunity of viewing your profile, engage your audience and see how effectively your brand is engaging on the social media, Instagram.

It helps you understand what drives engagement and growth. INK361 monitors and compares competition.

Free/Paid: Both options are available

5. CrowdFireApp:

CrowdFire connects and analyzes all accounts of the user.

It monitors the accounts in real time and shows the user how to grow.

Moreover, the tool presents user’s products to the potential customers.

CrowdFire can help grow your business across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and more at the perfect time.

Getting the right audience and keeping them hooked is easy with the tool.

It promotes products or services in a simple but smart manner.

CrowdFire follows the ‘Clean-Engage-Grow’ philosophy to make you grow on social media.

It allows you to collect data of inactive followers and un-followers.

So you can focus on your active audience to boost your business.

Its detailed stats may help you decide what to do next.

It works both in web and mobile apps.

However, businesses prefer the web interface to mobile apps.

Free/Paid: Paid
Others: Free for two accounts

6. Onlypult:

Like some other Instagram tools, Onlypult also can manage multiple accounts.

This tool helps in getting help from others to manage the account without giving the password.

Onlypult helps to follow competitors and get inspired by selected Instagram accounts.

The common feature, ‘analyzing’ is also available in Onlypult, by which followers’ volume and growth can be analyzed in an efficient way.

Onlyput is totally safe as it never saves password and login information.

Free/Paid: Paid (With 7 Days Free Trial)

7. Conjuregram:

Conjuregram is cloud-based and mobile friendly.

So you don’t need to save or download anything on your phone or computer.

Editing a photo as per your need is very easy with the tool.

Trimming images to fit instagram dimensions, drawing doodles, inserting overlays, adding watermarks– all these can be done with Conjuregram.

Even it provides you with the opportunity of editing videos fast.

You can edit any Youtube or Vimeo video and save it on your computer to post later on instagram.

Running auto follow campaigns, hashtag spying, running auto commenting or sharing campaigns, analyzing, connecting to multiple accounts are amazing features of Conjuregram.

Besides, it is entirely Instagram compliant.

Free/Paid: Paid

8. Hootsuite:

Hootsuite provides you with the analytics that will make you understand how your social content is working.

It protects your social account from hackers and other threats.

Tracking messages and mentions is a step away with this tool.

Scheduling posts is very easy with Hootsuite.

Free/Paid: Paid
Others: Free for individuals


You can have a closer look at your audience with

It informs you who are your new followers and who unfollowed you.

Even gender and geo-distribution of your audience can also be tracked with it.

It is an amazing tool to analyze your instagram account.

Monitoring the hashtag activity, measuring marketing campaign run on Instagram are very easy to do with the help of the tool.

Measuring success of marketing campaign is a hassle-free task here in

Besides tracking Instagram traffics is a tap away with it.

The tool has an exclusive feature: exporting reports to pdf and presentation file.

This paid tool can be availed at $20 per month. But there are other larger plans too.

10. Social Rank:

Social Rank is a helping hand for Instagram and Twitter.

Followers can be sorted in different categories to make best use of them while reaching them is important.

Sorting and filtering options are easy to use in Social Rank.

Custom lists can be exported as pdf file.

Followers’ whole information is available in Social Rank.

Paid and free both options are in this tool. Paid plan starts with $49 per month.

11. Metricool:

Metricool can be used in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You can schedule your posts or tweets for these social platforms for specific time when you think your audience are online.

It enables you evaluating your campaigns’ success.

You can prepare and show reports on products or contents in a profession way.

It helps you customize the content of your report by choosing the information you want to include.

This tool is totally free.

12. Easy Eraser:

Easy Eraser is a photo editing tool that erase objects from photos in an easy and smart way.

You can remove anything from a photo in few steps.

After removing the object the photo will appear to be a different one since the object will disappear as if it was never there.

However Easy Eraser is basically a free iOS application which is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Secondary Source: Easy Eraser

13. DownloadGram:

DownloadGram is a one-click download solution for Instagram. It is the easiest way to download photos from Instagram. The tool is quite free.

14. Insely:

Inselly is an online selling tool that makes it easy to start an e-commerce on Instagram.

The tool solely works on Instagram. It is really easy to sell on Instagram with the help of this tool.

All you need to do are taking a photo of what you want to sell, posting it on Instagram with the hashtag #inselly and providing details about the product in Inselly’s website.

The tool has some useful features like keeping track of order, mark it as shipped of fulfilled, enabling the followers buy your products by commenting with one hashtag, setting available quantity of a certain product and so on.

15. PicFlow:

PicFlow is a photo slideshow and video maker for Instagram.

Some basic features of the tool are adding music from iPod library, recording the timing of a certain photo by simply tapping, exporting the prepared video and sharing it on Instagram and Facebook, rearranging photos by dragging, getting the right crop etc.

Price of this application starts from $0.99.

Secondary Source: PicFlow

16. Later:

All visual contents from photos to videos can be planned with Later.

Previewing posts as they will actually appear, scheduling posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest– all these are basic features of Later.

Bulk upload and making groups to work in team are also notable features of the tool.

It can also be used as an extension for Crome browser in collecting content from around the web.

Later’s analytics feature will let you track and optimize post performance and make your Instagram feed instantly shoppable for which is made for making your Instagram feed shoppable.

Later is free for individuals; but paid version can be run with advanced features for different amount starting from $9 per month.

Learn more about from

17. Igerslike:

Igerslike is such an Instagram tool that you can use on any computer, any browser; even on your smartphone.

Multi-account management, multitasking, automating tasks, tracking progress are some of the features of Igerslike.

Configuring a campaign quickly is another feature of the tool that may help you benefit from your campaign.

18. Websta:

Websta offers some lucrative features like customizing Instagram feeds, interacting with followers, exploring hot brands, hashtags and influencers on the social platform.

Common feature in most Instagram tools, getting insights with the feature ‘Analytics’ is also available here.

You can get insights about posts, engagements and relationships with this feature.

Websta is free.

19. InstaPort:

You may feel the necessity of backing up your Instagram posts for offline access.

InstaPort is the right solution for you.

You can back your Instagram posts up offline in a simple way with this tool.

All you need to do is just clicking ‘export’ and your posts will be downloaded in .zip format.

InstaPort is a free tool.

20. Sprout Social:

Sprout Social is a social marketing tool that integrates networks of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

It helps you grow your business on these social platforms in an efficient and smart way.

It enables engaging with followers, monitoring hashtags and analyzing performance on the Instagram.

It also helps you stay productive with team tools and workflows.

Multiple accounts can be managed with a single tool.

This is a paid tool that costs $99 per month.

But you may buy more expensive versions which will cost more.


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Final Words

Staying on with the competition on Instagram is tough.

You need to take as much help you can get from various tools.

Not all of the tools mentioned here are created equal, some are great for beginners some may need expert hand.

In spite of these tools being good at what they do one may not completely rely on them as we are seeing that more and more Instagram tools are being shut downed by Instagram.

It is always best to use a service that do not rely on SaaS, there is no better alternative to have a dedicated social media manager.

Or, you can always consider hiring services like ContentMarketo and stay away from any trouble out there.

Tarek Dinaji

Tarek Dinaji Inbound Marketing and Website SEO Acquisition Expert. Feel free to send him an email at or contact on Twitter

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