How to Comment for Increased Blog Traffic

Blog commenting is still about the most under-used strategy I see for new bloggers.

I have no idea why bloggers refuse to comment genuinely on blogs.

Instant traffic and friendship builder.

Wait; I do know why.

Bloggers believe commenting is a waste of time.


True; guest posting leverages your presence more quickly in most cases, but blog commenting is the easiest way for new bloggers to make a seismic impact.

No barriers to entry exist. Meaning if you write a genuine comment to avoid spam folders, you can appear on any blog in the world with comments open.

Think of that for just a second.

The secret is knowing how to comment to actually increase your blog traffic.

Follow these tips to get the job done.

Comment Genuinely

Use your fellow blogger’s name top open a genuine door. A few moments ago I checked my blog comments queue.

Any comment in spam with Ryan in said comment nabbed my attention.

Someone said my name! Brilliant.

People who name drop tend to care deeply about you and your blog; this signals some level of respect and care.

Comment genuinely by using names and also adding some heft too.

What do I mean by heft?

Simple; publish a 2-3 paragraph long comment fleshing out some point made in the blog post.

No need to write the next War and Peace but do share something of value, to make a comment field come alive.

I dig sharing thoughts in thorough fashion at least a few times daily on top blogs to add zest to the conversation and to make a serious impact.

But I do pull back with 2-3 sentence comments too, adding names to be genuine. Although you cannot always write 3 paragraphs on some titles you can always use blogger names and make a genuine bond that drives people to your website.

Comment Persistently


Rome was not built in a night and blog comments tend not to drive traffic unless people actually see you a few times.

Imagine meeting friends for the first time offline.

Do you shake hands, then, hug and kiss these folks on the cheek?

Nope, not usually.

Nor do you join their business venture after a handshake and 30 seconds of chatter.

Good things take time.

Comment on blogs for months to grow on people.

Some folks vibe with you immediately.

Other folks take time, to get to know you.

In both cases, you are well-served to be persistent and patient in blog commenting because everything happens in time, with clarity, fun, patience, relaxation and ease.

Do not push it.

Take your time to make a seismic impact over time.

Comment on Blogs in Your Niche

Follow this tip to target blog traffic.

Is someone who clicks your link visits your blog it helps if someone generates serious interest in what you have to offer.

Intrigued people tend to follow your blog, buy your eBooks and increase your blogging income.

Comment mainly on blogs in your niche. Birds of a feather flock together.

Hang with and chat with folks who dig what you have to offer to make that kinda impact goading bloggers and readers to click thru, boost your traffic and become loyal, loving readers who expand your success freely.


There you have it guys. Add value, be patient and stick to your niche.

Do not panic if you do not make $100,000 a year after publishing your 3rd blog comment.

Let’s not be silly! Good things take time, patience, calm and a sense of ease and fun, lending to your complete trust in self and in the blog commenting process.

Happy blog commenting.

Ryan Biddulph helps you become a successful blogger at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. Great post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed!
    Extremely useful info specially the last part 🙂 I care for such info much.
    I was looking for this particular information for a long time.

    Thank you and best of luck.

  2. What a great blog post man!

    I totally agree with your points here. I have seen many types of comments on my blogs and I can see many making most of these mistakes, if not all. lol

    Your case study is amazing dude!

    You are the man bro!

    Thank you very much for sharing these tips with us. These are very helpful, because I know how effective Blog Commenting can be – IF it is done correctly, that is.

    Keep up the great work!

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