How to Compose a Good Instagram Bio | Important Elements

First impression on social platforms like Instagram carries great significance. People do not have enough time to go through all your posts on Instagram or any other social media to have an idea about you or your business. Presenting an amazing bio is the perfect solution in this case.

In the Instagram bio you can present yourself or your business in a smart way so you get more engagement on the social platform.

But only 150 characters are allowed to be presented in the bio. So it is very important to decide what and how to present in the bio.

Here, I have come up with the best Instagram bio quotes for you, which will boost your growth (may it be personal or in case of business) on Instagram.


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First, let’s have a look at the importance of Instagram bio.

It reflects your personality: An Instagram bio reflects your personality. People will draw an idea about you seeing your bio. So it’s very important to present it properly.

It enhances your chance to get found: People searches for specific purpose on the Instagram. For example, someone may search ‘the best restaurant in country x’ as he or she plans to visit the country. He or she will find the Instagram accounts easily which contain the keywords searched by someone. Thus, bio helps you to get found.

It can be used to attract newbies: Newbies may get attracted to you by just going through your bio. So choosing the perfect one really matters. It will help you get more and more followers.

It makes first impression: We already have said that Instagram bios draws first impression on the people who visit your profile.


Instagram Bio Ideas : How and What to Write

Chose your name carefully:

People in your network will look for your account on Instagram by searching your name.

So make sure to write your name in the way you are known to others.

If someone uses a particular Instagram account for business, writing the name of the business on the bio is very important.

Tell people what you do or what you are famous for:

Good Instagram Bio - added website url
Source: isabellanarchi

If the Instagram account is a personal one, then personal introduction should be inserted in the bio.

Briefly introducing oneself will enhance the chance of getting followers.

If you are making business on Instagram, tell about your business in short.

Make it interesting:

Good Instagram Bio - interesting to read
Source: waverider_

People on Instagram look something funny. So always try to say something funny on your first pitch, bio. Attract others to your online presence by writing an awesome funny bio. If you can not make fun, people will just switch to other accounts where they can get fun.

Keep instagram culture in mind while writing bio:

Good Instagram Bio - follows instagram culture
Source: fashiondads_

Instagram is different from other social platforms.

It has a unique culture. Keep this in mind while writing an Instagram bio.

So copying and pasting bio from other social platforms will end up with negative impact.

Include your website link:

Good Instagram Bio - website url added
Source: robertirwinphotography

The only place on Instagram where you can give a clickable link is the bio.

Instagram does not allow giving clickable link elsewhere. So grabbing this opportunity really sound wise.

Business websites can be promoted by putting the URL on the bio of the Instagram profile.

Moreover, providing the website link on the bio may boost credibility and so people will be interested in buying services or products from your company or firm.

It will increase visits of your website too.

Think about your audience:

Before writing the bio for Instagram, it is very important to think about the audience. A dancer’s audience and a ICT trainer’s audience are totally different.

What you do, your purpose of using a particular Instagram profile– these facts should also be taken into account while writing the bio.

Write your bio to meet your purpose of using the Instagram. Attract your prospects by an amazing bio.

Make it short and to the point:

People take a short time to decide whether to follow an Instagram user or not.

So keeping the bio short and sweet will boost the chance that people will go through the entire bio and get a proper idea about the user or business.

Use Emojis:

Emojis looks funny on the Instagram bio. Using just words may make the bio stuffy and formal.

Emojis can be used to avoid being too formal.

Emojis also help the text on the bio take more space and thus it increase the readability of the bio.

Include your e-mail on the bio:

Source: charlesans

Giving an easy way for further communication will enhance engagement.

So provide an E-mail address on the bio so that your followers can get in touch with you later.

Include links of your other social media account and blog:

Good Instagram Bio example - added social media
Source: isabella_fiori

You can use links of your other social media profiles.

It will help you grow in different platforms. But providing so many links of social media may make your bio clumsy. Therefore using the link of the social media where you have noticeable presence will be wise.

Personalize it:

Source: baddiewinkle

Providing the potential followers with a reason to follow sounds important.

According to, number of monthly active instagram accounts are 800 million (September, 2017).

The number is increasing rapidly. Why people will follow a particular account, and why not other accounts?

If all the accounts look the same, people will be in confusion about which ones to follow.

However, this problem may be solved by personalizing the bio. For example, one can change the font of bio using externalize.


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Your bio may be small, but it is very important.

Sometimes, people will not go through all the content of your Instagram profile; rather they will just spend a little time to see your bio.

The bio may make them decide to follow you or not. So make sure that your business account on Instagram or your personal Instagram profile has a smart bio and appropriately represent you or your business.

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