How to Outsource Blog Writing

How to Outsource Blog Writing

It requires one to have some real wit and guts to appeal the readers and stimulate them emotionally through polished writing skills.

Indeed, writing in itself is an art, which only few can master.

Blog Writing

So what about the people or organizations who want to promote their cause but lag behind in sharp writing instincts?

Do they part ways with this valuable part of content marketing?


Instead, they prefer outsourcing blog writing to an individual or an organization with proven dexterity.

On second thoughts, there could be many other reasons to outsource blogging tasks, besides the absence of capable resources at your end.

The guide here gives murkier details on this very topic and takes you to a profound journey of quality writing.

So fasten your seatbelts; we are all set to take off!

Why you should outsource your blog writing

As per a survey report on blogging statistics revealed by, above 82% of the 350 respondents prefer writing their own blogs.

Of the remaining bloggers, around 10% use to outsource the blogging task locally and only 7.7% outsource the task overseas.

Though quite a discouraging fact for professional bloggers, yet it unveils an immense scope for the content providers.

Making the most of this opportunity, they can motivate businesses and individuals to outsource their blogging assignments.

If you prefer doing it all on their own and have good hand at writing as well, you may write blogs for your company.

Still, with increasing business responsibilities, your blogging time will keep reducing.

Ultimately, you will come cross a moment when you have to start mulling at outsourcing your blogging tasks.

In addition, here are some more reasons for the same:

  1. Additional focus: Assigning the blogging responsibility to a notable content provider helps you to focus on the core competencies of your business.
  2. Better understanding: As a hobby writer, you will start writing straightaway. Just opposite, a professional blogger will enquire if the required blog is for awareness, consideration, or decision stage of your business, before writing. This helps the writer to come out with a perfect copy.
  3. Fresh approach: The outsourcing company can write your blogs with a different approach, which could appeal the targeted audiences more often.
  4. More research: Due to lack of time, you might not put forth all the requisite data to support the purpose behind blogging. You can expect the writers at your outsourced company to write the blog with more attention, after doing thorough research work. This will also boost your blog’s authority and credibility among your readers.
  5. Flawless writing: Let’s admit it. Running a business and writing for your business are two different things. You are bound to commit semantic and syntactic (grammatical) errors that might not go well with the readers. A professional blogger can present the facts in a better and flawless language, hence coming to your rescue.
  6. Sound appeal: An expert blogger can come up with out-of-the-box headings/subheadings, one-liners, phrases, etc. to make the blog presentable and an exciting piece to read out. This leaves high chances of the blog to enthrall the right audiences.
  7. On-time delivery: While outsourcing the task, make sure that the concerned accompany agrees to furnish quality content, well on time. This helps you to get timely delivery of blogs and sets you free from sticking to the deadlines, which becomes painful at times with increased business engagements.
  8. Cost savings: While blog outsourcing saves your time, it does require you to spend a significant amount to avail the services. Nevertheless, you can compare various content providers on their services and charges to single out the most feasible one. This will save your costs as well.
  9. SEO Optimization: Coming back to survey, more than 75% respondents give thumbs up to Google’s role in ranking the websites. This, in turn, highlights the importance of content optimization in order to find a place in Google indexing. With experienced writers, you can confide on them to write duly SEO optimized blogs, which could grab top slot on Google search page rankings.

What types of content can you outsource?

In addition to blogs, many other forms of writing are equally worthy of outsourcing in order to satisfy your personal or business goals.

Type of Content

From drafting a social media post to writing e-books, to guest blogs, and more, you can outsource all these tasks to ensure an impressive web presence and to convey your thoughts the best way.

Here is brief description of the most seasoned content forms that you can outsource:

  1. Web content: A website is the face of your business; the more focused and user-centric it appears, the better you can expect it to generate prospective leads. A professional web content writer can hence justify your cause the best way.
  2. Sales page copy: Be it a landing page or an e-mailer, a sales page copy works actively toward converting a prospective lead to customer and then your business promoter. Outsourcing this task to an expert copywriter appreciates your chances of boost in sales.
  3. Email autoresponder sequences: One of the foremost online marketing tools, an email autoresponder refers to a series of emails automatically sent to a specific group of online users selected from your email list. Every email contains a purposeful content, such as to:
    1. Welcome a new member in your list
    2. Provide information on how to download your company’s e-book
    3. Suggesting best products as per the user’s browsing patterns, etc.

As for the benefits of shooting email autoresponders, you can nurture your leads and see them transforming to buyers.

Evidently, crisp, concise, carefully written content is the best to fulfill the purpose of this form of content, which is where outsourcing it to an efficient team of writers becomes inevitable.

  1. Blog Posts: As obvious, blogs are the most interactive way to reach out to your potential audiences. Initiated to enable users speak their mind freely, this form of online content has given more power to the small and big corporate houses. With its help, they could inform the potential customers about their products and the involved gains the better way. Blog outsourcing is therefore important to keep your business in the hunt of potential online leads
  2. Guest blog posts (Posted on other people’s sites): Guest blogging could prove to be the key contributor in the success of your content marketing strategy. The fact that guest blogs appear on other relevant sites itself makes them an inseparable part of the marketing funnel. If you have experienced writers to furnish a well drafter offsite content, it is great. Else, you have always the option to outsource this task to the industry best guest bloggers.
  3. Social media posts: With Twitter increasing its character limits, and other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. becoming extremely popular every day, social media is becoming an important tool for business promotion. No wonder, only an expert could deliver the concise and appealing content for these platforms.
  4. Ad Copy: Writing content for advertisements requires sheer wit and presence of mind. You have to express your intention in the minimum possible words. Outsourcing Ad copy task to an expert copywriter or a company could help you get clutter free copy, which could appeal the masses instantly.
  5. Business collateral: To be a progressive organization, you need to keep your business stakeholders updated about your company projects, revenue gains, business plans, etc. Consequently, you need to come with business collateral items like e-books, lead magnets, whitepapers, factsheets, newsletters, brochures, press releases, and more on regular basis. This accounts for yet another reason why you should outsource blogging.
  6. Course Materials: Do you run an academic organization where your main purpose is to provide quality education to students through updated course materials? If so, then make sure you hire the most qualified and experienced subject matter experts for your cause. If you don’t have adequate resources, it’s wise to outsource the task to a reputed content provider for the academic industry.
  7. Script writing: The role of scripts is paramount when it comes to creating videos, conducting webinars, or making presentations for a selected segment of people. To-the-point and meaningful content rule the roost in the creative task of script writing. Assigning this task to a writer or a company with expertise in script writing is hence a recommended move.
  8. Ebooks: Writing full-length digital books on specific topics needs adept research work, deep subject knowledge and exceptional commitment. While your readers go through these e-books on their smartphone, e-readers, or any other device, you won’t want them to leave the book midway just because of factual or grammatical flaws. Outsourcing e-book writing is a feasible idea in this regard.
  9. Press Release: The ‘term’ press release refers to informing the people about an event. In the digital world, the organizations has adopted this content form to inform the audiences about their product launch, product update, openings of a new branch or related events. An expert PR writer can highlight the associated facts, figures and call to action the better way.
  10. Conversion optimization: Even if you have the content ready at your end, it is advisable to get it proofread or tweak the texts to optimize them for conversion. If you can’t assign this task to an in-house professional, outsourcing it is a thinkable alternate.

How to outsource your blog writing

It needs honest efforts on your part to outsource your blogging task to the best writers in the business.

In the run, you should follow a well thought content strategy. Here are the important steps in this regard:

Finding the best outsourcers

Find the best Outsourcrer

  • Someone around you: If you know an experienced and committed blogger in person, who could add wings to your cause, he/she is perhaps the best person to outsource the task.
  • Writers of competitor websites: You need to do a little bit research to know your competitor websites. Tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs can assist in this task appreciably. Consequently, you will get hold of 4-5 writers who write for your organic competitors. A glance at their blogs and the response of readers in terms of shares, comments and likes, can make up your mind contact the best ones.
  • Social Media scoop: You can spread the scoop about the need of quality bloggers or a reputed content writing company on Social media. Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, and even Facebook could help appreciably in this regard. All you need is to share a post from your company’s profile. It could look something like this:

Looking for a company/individual to outsource the writing task for my sports blog.

Interested may contact at

You can modify the post with your respective field.

Once you start getting response, ask the interested bloggers to contact you through direct message, so that you could furnish them the requisite.

Always ask the writers to provide their Resume / portfolio and the sample links to their written work.

This will make it easier for you to shortlist the selected companies/candidates.

With direct contact, you can also discuss the rates you would like to pay the outsourcer.

  • Freelance portals: Websites like,,, and more enable you to post jobs related to the requirement of content writers. You can provide all the details including the job description, volume of content, overall project cost and more. While hiring through sites like Freelancer and Upwork, you will have to pay 20-30% extra as the platform’s commission charges, so keep this in mind.

What you need to know about pricing

The foremost task prior to your outsourcing your content task is set your budget.


Here is how you could do so.

  • Seek consultation: Consult your peers and friends operating in the same industry about the rates they are paying to outsource blogging task.
  • Research a bit: Go through the content requirement posts on Upwork and Freelancer related to your field and find out what rates are the employers willing to pay for their blogging work. Ideally, for a blog of 1000 words, rates ranging from $15 to $20 are suitable. Unfortunately, many employers pay as low as $3 to $5 per 1000 words, but any such practice would be like disrespecting the talent and hard work of the writers. In the end, it’s you to decide the feasible rates.

Singling out the ideal outsourcer

As an important tip, try to look out for Asian writers, such as those from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

They can provide good quality content for your respective niche, at reasonable rates.

If you come across a real good writer, whom you believe could write the best blogs for your company, don’t hesitate hiring him, even if he asks for a higher rate.

After all, talent must come at a respectable price!

Moreover, it will also save your time in proofreading and editing the blogs.

How to train your outsourcer?

Despite the fact that you will hire an expert organization or individual to work on your blogs, you would need to provide some initial training.


This will acclimatize the outsourcer with your preferred style of writing and will help him to come out with impeccable write-ups after few initial feedback comments.

These important instructions would be of great help in training the blogger as per your requirement.

  1. Give a brief about your work to the outsourcer right at the beginning of the first task.
  2. Include necessary guidelines that you want the writer to follow.
  3. Make sure that the blogger delivers the task on time.
  4. Go through the first draft of blog sent from the writer, and check if it strictly abides by every instruction provided in the requirement mail.
  5. Especially, go through the entire blog for room for improvements in terms of:
    1. Information representation
    2. Plagiarism issues
    3. Grammar issues
    4. Semantic errors
    5. Language constructs
  6. Comment at all the problematic locations and send the checked doc to the outsourcer
  7. Ask the outsourcer to resend the blog after rectifying all the highlighted issues.
  8. Keep repeating this process in every task you assign, until you satisfy yourself completely with the quality of the outsourced blog.
  9. Feel free to modify the instructions depending on different blog topics.

As a pro-tip, adhering to client’s requirements is of paramount importance.

Therefore, the better your outsourcer is able to understand your inputs, the more are the chances of the blogs to appeal the readers.

So try to train the outsourcer accordingly.

Wrapping up the outsourcing process

The decision to outsource your content task would click if you make sure to maintain a transparent communication with the outsourcer.

Depending on the length of your project and budget constraints, you can hire an individual or a content writing agency.

Equally important is to provide all the instructions that you believe could contribute in an appealing content.

Be specific and share all the key details including the targeted audience, the concerned industry, and more.

Once you get the initial draft from the outsourcer, highlight the key locations where the blog seems to have lost the plot.

Resend to the blogger for editing the requisite portion accordingly.

Mostly, bloggers are eager to work on the writing task first hand, but avoid doing the editing citing the wastage of time as the reason.

It is therefore better to confirm their availability for editing their write-ups, write at the time of hiring.

To minimize the modification work, it is wise to select the outsourcer based on industry specific skill sets.

After following all these points, chances are brighter for you to end up hiring a skillful, witty, and confident blogger, who could represent your work the best way through insightful content.

Happy blog outsourcing!


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